Hungering for more?

Hunger1I had a great conversation yesterday with a dear friend about my desire to experience more community and connection in my life, which then segued to everything that I dream about creating in my business. It made me realize that I have a lot on my plate!

This quickly had me visit the land of overwhelm, and then a bit of depression set in because I got overwhelmed and confused with where to focus my attention.

My friend then said so simply, “It is okay to want it all.”

Wow. Well of course it is. And how easily I can forget that. And I’m betting that you might be able to relate.

This reminded me that the job of the Hunger square on the Bigger Game Board is to let myself feel at full permission the deep desire of hungering for it ALL.

At times it’s easy to think that I am not allowed to hunger for everything that I want… you know, just pick one or two things and go for that. I can feel underneath all of this the core belief that says, “there is not enough” (classic lack thinking). Wow, how insidious this core belief is… after years of inner work, it still exists in me!

So today I am simply allowing myself to truly hunger for the “full plate” of life – rather than only a small portion of it. I don’t know if I’ll be able to experience it – but not allowing myself to really want it will not serve.

Take a look into your life and see where you don’t give yourself permission to fully want something. What I know is that if we do not hunger for something deeply, it has 0% chance of becoming real.

Hunger on…
More to come,

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