1,001 Dreams

Meet Jocelyne Desroches. She recently took the Bigger Game workshop in Montreal, and at first, wasn’t willing to take action and leave a comfort zone that wasn’t serving her.

No worries – not everyone is able to realize their compelling purpose and/or actually name their bigger game right out of the gate. There is no pressure – trust the process and your game will find you.

And that is exactly what happened to Jocelyne. In her words…

“When I did the workshop, I knew what motivated me, but I thought it was not time in my life to take action. During the weekend, I stayed in my comfort zone by naming something else, not wanting to feel the bomb sleeping in me. The months passed and I found, with your help and energy, my fantastic adventure of Bigger Game. I adapted it to my reality, my strengths and my limitations. And I want to share it with you.”

Jocelyne’s Bigger Game is to help her African friend Simeon Koalaga’s dream come true. She is selling bracelets to raise funds for a water pump and a fence to realize Simeon’s dream to grow vegetables and improve his family’s quality of life.

In the excitement of this game, Jocelyne has enrolled the help of her husband, Daniel, and their game has quickly morphed to something even bigger… together they will create 1,000 projects and raise $1,000 per project to raise one million dollars for African families, women’s groups and children. They call their Bigger Game 1,001 Dreams and their slogan is “Little by Little.”

Click here to learn more about 1,001 Dreams and learn how you can become an ally: Bracelets to make Simeon Koalaga’s Dream Come True.

I’m excited to congratulate Jocelyne and Daniel in what they are creating. When we are compelled, we can truly create miracles!


Amazing Things

What inspires me the most about this month’s featured Bigger Game Player, James Mellon, is his ability to create. James is a producer, writer, actor, dancer, singer, minister (the list goes on and on and includes tap dancer!)… who includes and creates from every aspect of his life in service of entertaining, engaging and enlightening us all.

As the co-founder of The Global Truth Network, his Bigger Game is to provide Enlightenment Through Entertainment.

At the Bigger Game Expo, James reminded us that we all have creative genius within us to create magical fulfilling lives.

Here’s a clip of James at the Expo… I hope you’ll enjoy his positive energy and wisdom!

More to come-

So Much Magic!

“You have amazing gifts that the world needs.” Leza Danly spoke these words at The Bigger Game Expo and they could not be truer.

Our lives really are all made up, and it’s our job to reveal our strengths and gifts and to let the world see us in our magnificence. There is so much opportunity… so much magic… in the world, and it’s ours for the taking. 

What will you create for our world?


It’s Nice to Honor Mother Nature

Have you ever strolled in the woods or walked on the beach and experienced a deep sense of serenity, peace, and oneness with your surroundings? I experience that on Lake George, when I give myself permission to actually slow down and just “be.”

There’s now science to support this common sensation. Several studies have found that being in places of natural beauty actually boosts our immune system, and lowers our heart rate and blood pressure. Just being away from your desk or work and in a quieter and more serene setting reduces stress!

At the recent Bigger Game Expo, Charles Holt spoke about his love of trees – and how he considers them an ally in his life.

Our allies truly can be everywhere and anywhere. We just have to notice them! I encourage us all to think of nature as an ally in our lives – and in playing our bigger games. Let’s all slow down and honor the serenity and beauty of Mother Nature.