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Meet Rick Tamlyn

Rick Tamlyn inspires you to be your best.

He teaches that every experience, emotion, reaction, and relationship is All Made Up. As an author, activational keynote speaker, co-active trainer and thought leader in the inspiration business, Rick has delivered his message around the world to people and organizations from all walks of life.

In 2001, he co-created The Bigger Game: a tool that inspires people from all walks of life to get out of their comfort zones and invent the lives they want. He is the author of Play Your Bigger Game: 9 Minutes to Learn, a Lifetime to Live (Hay House 2013).

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Work with Rick

Rick Tamlyn inspires and activates you to be your best.

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Roger Bird

What I like about working with Rick is his ability to zero in on what gets in my way of moving forward. It’s like he has a 3-D vision into my capability... he’s able to unpack what I see as barriers and reframe them in a way that opens new paths... all the while holding a clear intention of growing my leadership.

Roger Bird
Founder / CoolCap Fund

Julie Baldwin

Rick’s intuitive spirit, insightful mind, and soulful support have had a huge impact on my life — and my business. It was scary to step up to my true calling, but Rick’s guidance gave me the courage to go for it. Through my work with Rick, I discovered that when you invest in yourself and your business, both keep growing.

Julie Baldwin

Paul and Guen

Rick has helped us to stay grounded in our purpose. He continues to deliver powerful insights along with practical strategies for launching and growing our message and our work.

Paul & Guenevere Morr

Sean Magennis

The Bigger Game is an elegant and effective way to take ideas, dreams, and intangible goals and make them come alive and flourish with purpose. Rick Tamlyn is on to something extraordinary.

Sean Magennis
Chief Operating Officer / YPO-WPO

Brook Hamilton

We were looking for a facilitator to help guide our management team through the thought process of carving out a bold, new strategy and vision for our company. We couldn’t be more pleased. Rick is an outstanding facilitator. He led us through a two-day workshop, during which we found our collective voice, and articulated a go-forward plan which we simply could not have crafted on our own.

Brook Hamilton
President / Bonnell Aluminum

Rick's Blog

Rick TamlynYour life is all made up, so why not create a life that excites and inspires you?
Rick Tamlyn
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