Comfort Zones For Better & For Worse

As my Bigger Game of “bringing the message of Bigger Game to the world” begins to take more concrete shape in the coming months with a new book, new websites, videos, etc, I notice I’m experiencing a comfort zone called getting it right.

I want to get the marketing of the Bigger Game book just right. I want to get my blog posts to be perfect. I want my new website to be cutting edge and current. Everything has to be just right. OMG, this getting it right thing is exhausting!

I’m realizing that the cost of getting it right is cutting down on my creative juices and full self-expression. It is so time to let that comfort zone go and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of giving things a try and seeing what happens. Even as I write this I can feel the freedom of creativity coming back into my soul.

I encourage you to see what comfort zones have got you and are running you right now. If they serve, great! If they don’t serve, it’s time to let them go!

What I know is that by looking deeply into the comfort zone square on the Bigger Game Board, lots of your humanity will be revealed and this will give you more access to your creative genius. Happy exploring!


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  • Nan Watts Reply

    Thanks Rick – Your words resonate for me today. Letting go as I type 😉



  • Linda Harris Reply

    Wow! Did I need to hear that today…thank you.

  • Shannon Kelly Reply

    I agree–really needed to hear this today. Let’s hear it for “throw spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks!” 😉

  • Graham Reply

    I’ve been wrestling with the comfort zone of “at this point in my life I should have achieved [fill in the blanks – relationship, career, money]” and it’s been going on all summer and I’m so tired of it. I hold that it’s actually impossible to be in a comfort zone *and* fully embrace one’s creative spirit; creativity should be messy and adventurous and curious and fun, like a child playing in a sandbox.

    It occurs to me that these comfort zones are really only comfort zones for one’s saboteur. They’re not really comforting, they’re faux comforting if their ultimate goal is to exhaust us! The true comfort comes in allowing in the playfulness and creativity.

    Thanks for posting this Rick. I needed it!

  • Robbin Jorgensen Reply

    Thank you for naming this Rick. I am in the midst of creating my new website and I find myself in this Comfort Zone all the time! What if I don’t get it right? What if they don’t like it? Will I still have the impact I want to have if it’s not “perfect”?

    What I need to realize and you just reaffirmed is that it’s okay to put it out there and not obsess over it. It can always be tweaked and I can evolve it as I go.

    This Comfort Zone does NOT serve me. It stops me in my tracks and keeps me from moving forward with my Bigger Game. Thank you for sharing and for helping me pull myself back out!

  • Kate Sholonski Reply

    Timely message….David and I just found ourselves at this crossroad last week and have successfully gathered our minds, hearts and spirits and have gotten back on the track of doing what we do for the joy of it. Creativity abounds from this place and so does ease and flow. Paying attention to how we feel in the moment is always key.

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