What Moves You?

Here’s a photo of the bulletin board at my gym. I just love the question, “What moves you?” The double meaning is just too perfect: What gets you going in the morning? What emotionally moves you?

This past week I had two leader development client sessions that were about exactly this. One was a doctor’s office and the other was a church. What I loved is that both leaders were compelled to take their organization to the next level—to play a new Bigger Game. We had the most amazing, inspiring conversations about what they were most compelled about for their people. Both conversations turned into “let’s make it real” with bold actions to follow this coming week.

Here’s what I know to be true: When we feel deeply about something we will create magic. Bold action and movement will take care of itself and it will be fun and easy!

Ask yourself this week—are you compelled? Are you moved by what is going on in your life right now? What moves you?

What I know is that whatever the answer it will only serve and move you closer to what matters most.

Have at it! Compel On!

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