Hungering for Something More

I had a great conversation yesterday with a dear friend about my desire to experience more community and connection in my life. This segued to “where” I want to create this most. I said I had to pick either NY or LA. It became an “either/or” which confuses and overwhelms me. My friend said so simply, “It is okay to want it all.”

It reminded me that the job of the Hunger square on the Bigger Game Board is to let myself feel at full permission the deep desire of hungering for it ALL. I somehow have it wired up that I am not allowed to hunger for everything that I want… you know, just pick one or two things and go for that. I can feel underneath all of this the core belief that says “there is not enough” (classic lack thinking). Wow, how insidious this core belief is… after years of inner work, it still exists in me!

So today I am simply allowing myself to truly hunger for the “full plate” of life – rather than only a small portion of it. I don’t know if I’ll be able to experience it – but not allowing myself to really want it will not serve. Take a look into your life and see where you don’t give yourself permission to fully want something. What I know is that if we do not hunger for something deeply, it has 0% chance of becoming real.

Hunger on…
More to come,

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  • Beth McKay Reply

    For me, it’s all or nothing thinking. I have to figure it all out. I need to know every angle and then it’s ok. The thing I am most grateful for in all my inner work I have done on me, is that today I can recognize it and make a different choice. I am getting ready to leave an incredible job, an opportunity, in order to follow my heart and passion. And the greatest thing is I don’t have a plan. It’s scary and I know it’s time and I’m ready. I’m setting up the support system and doing it in my superstar way!!! And that’s because I hunger for a life I trust is possible. I am learning to let go of what I think it needs to look like. To September when I change course for the bestest life possible. Woohoo!!!!

  • Teresa Reply

    ha ha, I have been enjoying a lovely quiet Sunday morning and went to pour myself another coffee, and to my surprise I had emptied the pot, and the little voice inside said you have obviously had enough! Brewing more! lots more where that came from, I hear you we limit ourselves.

  • Judith Cohen Reply

    Hunger is great, Rick. I find for me that it’s starvation that’s the problem. In my desire to avoid my hunger I can easily starve myself instead. Over time, I’ve learned to honor my hunger and applaud its guidance. Starvation is literally and figuratively a dead end. Going down that path helps neither myself or anyone else. Thanks for sharing your vulnerability. I look forward to reading more. May your hunger be globally satiated!

  • Cecily Reply

    Only when one has it all can one give it all! Life is not a sit down dinner, where one is served and then makes do. I think it is a salad bar! Pick and choose one or all and top it with your own style! This hunger is what makes you feel full not empty! A delicious stirring deep within, rising from the core, moving to the heart and head and served outwards as words and actions. Strange that what we hunger for can fulfill someone’s hunger. Satiated we sleep, hungry we are awake- so let us hunger on!

  • Fran Reply

    Rick, thanks for putting this ‘out there’. It has prompted me to think about what I really hunger for and to re commit to what I consciously choose to hunger for. I hunger for more of God’s love and guidance. I hunger for a peace that passeth all understanding, for grace and mercy and for the fruit of the spirit – joy, peace,patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. With this as my foundation I am free to live out my purpose i.e. To Glorify God – to be all that He created me to be and to serve others according to His Will. Hallelujiah and Thankyou !!

    John 6:35 “Then Jesus declared. “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.

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