The wonder of it all

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As you might know, I have an event coming up in April – and to be clear, this post is NOT about the event or trying to enroll you to join me.

I’ve been busy prepping for the event, though, and a distinction became clear to me that I just had to share.

Being transparent, creating an event of this size and scope is a bit daunting, and at times overwhelming.

It’s easy for me to overthink and overanalyze just about everything related to the event.

Am I creating the right event? I wonder.
Will everyone benefit from attending? I wonder.
Will people be glad they came? I wonder.
Will the tech work? I wonder.

The list could go on and on, and I could quickly find myself on a hamster wheel, spinning and spinning and going nowhere fast.

Here’s what I know though…

When you wonder too much, you start to wander… and then nothing gets created. Nothing gets accomplished.

Too much wondering creates too much wandering.

The more wondering I do, the more lost I get.

What I know is…

There is creativity in you that wants to be expressed. If you sit around and just wonder about it, instead of just getting started, you’ll end up just wandering around.

For me, I’m going to stop with the wondering. And instead, I’m going to keep expressing my own creativity, whether it’s in a perfect form or not. I hope that you will too.  Share your thoughts here.

More to come-


  • James Mellon Reply

    What a great distinction Rick. Wondering can lead to Wandering. The mind can be quite a slippery thing, can’t it? In preparing my talk today I’ve been focused on “Creativity” and the role it plays in my life. Hell, it IS my life. If I wonder too much about what I’m creating, I tend to stop the flow of creative juice that makes up my, as Ernest Holmes calls it, my “fire in the belly.” Thanks for reminding me that sometimes it’s good to just “Create” and leave the wondering out of the equation. In the end it doesn’t matter what I’m creating, just that I Am Creating.

  • Anna Leong Reply

    Rick, thank you for sharing. When you wonder, you wander….. I think it is too much is not good AND we need to keep the balance and FOCUS. Great reminder.

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