How my calendar activates my creative self

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I believe that we’re here on this planet to create, and that the path to fulfillment is to remember this AND to act as if it’s true.

So, the dilemma then becomes, “How do I keep my creative-self alive and engaged day to day?” There are many paths to this outcome and some obvious ones include:

Going for walks in nature
Talk with your coach/mentor
Have a brainstorming session with your team or colleagues

When you feel creative WITH life, you will then experience more joy, connection, and passion and love IN life. I know this to be true.

Now, let me offer the number one thing that I do to keep myself creative. It truly has changed the trajectory of my work and business, not to mention my aliveness and love of life.

My tip is super simple… The calendar.

When I add something into my calendar, my creative juices are immediately engaged. There’s nothing like a good solid date to give me a great reason to come up with ideas, make plans, create new content and just get busy in a very fun compelling way.

I remember when my Bigger Game co-creator, Laura Whitworth, initially scheduled our first Bigger Game workshop and had me put the date in my calendar. At the time, I thought she was crazy because we hadn’t even designed the training yet!

She told me that the fastest way to get the Bigger Game philosophy and methodology into the world was to put it in our calendars first, and create from there. So we did, and then we got busy… both enrolling it and designing it. This simple act truly activated our creative wisdom and ingenuity. I so remember the aliveness of that experience like it was yesterday.

I still use this method today. First, I commit to doing something, then I put it in the calendar, and then I get busy.

Will you commit to getting something calendared, and then creating from that? I’d love to hear how it goes!

More to come-

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