R U Living a “Pick Me” life or an “Express Me” Life?

I notice I still have that small voice in my head (or maybe it just lives in the memory cells of my body) that is hoping (or needing sometimes) that I will be picked by someone – you know that whole getting-picked-for-a-team thing that happens all the way through high school for most of us. Well that lives on in me still – which is something to admit out loud and freeing to do so. Whether it be for a corporate keynote event or a workshop or for my new book proposal that I have out there now, there is a part of me that keeps waiting for someone to decide to pick me. And when I get really really honest with myself about it, this is about me (or some part of me) thinking that once I am picked I am now ok. AND, because permission has been granted by someone outside of me, I will now be able to fully show up as me, because after all they did “pick me.” Well, as you may have guessed by now, it does not work that way. It works in the complete opposite way. It is about living an “express me” life. It is about putting our unique messages and talents out there for all to see and then notice who responds. They will be “choosing” you because you have showed up fully as your full self – out there for all to see. They will be choosing you because you have dared to share all of you and they long to align and ally with what you are about.

And here is the truth, you are already picked, because you are here on this earth at this time – for God does not make mistakes! You’re on the team already, so go play full out! Express more of yourself today, and let me know what happens – would love to hear… Best, Rick

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