The Gap (not the store!)

What we “say” we want and what we “experience” creates a gap. This is that space between how I want my life to look or what I am actually experiencing in my day to day life. Very simply, this is the source of pain and discontent. The organization or team version of this is the gap between what the organization “espouses” (like a list of values on a plaque on some wall) and what the employee actually “experiences” in their day. This is not an easy topic to address or even an easy overnight one to fix. One must start with the speaking the truth of this gap otherwise it is a futile exercise in “denial” that goes nowhere. Dare to name your gap today for yourself, for your team or for your entire organization. This will take courage, yet, when it is expressed the wheels are now in motion to close that gap, naturally and organically. Look at how water finds its way towards any gap. And if we are made up of at least 60% water, then we inherently have the internal mechanism to close any gap in our lives. I know this to be true.  Namaste!

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