Solid or Fluid?

On my run yesterday, I was sweating profusely as the temperature was abnormally high. Of course I was pondering my life yet again, and had this huge desire for my life to feel way more “solid” then it currently does. I had this major pull to needing to KNOW — I wanted solidity to all of my life challenges. Then, as the sweat poured down my face, I realized that our bodies are mostly made up of water — most say somewhere around 60%. Immediately, there was this small voice in my head that said, “Why do you need everything to be so solid, when you are made up mostly of fluid (water)?” I know this may sound odd, but this metaphor was deeply enlightening for me — I keep wanting things to be solid and yet I am made up of mostly fluid. Wow, how interesting, eh? It is time to give over to living a more fluid life — a life where I go with the flow — where I am way more flexible with all my circumstances — where I let go of being attached to things being nailed down solid. Notice for yourself where you are on the “solid to fluid” continuum. Do you lean more toward a solid lifestyle or to a more fluid lifestyle? If I were to listen to what my body told me today, I vote for fluid!

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