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I’ve been exploring a big life choice these past few weeks and I was reminded by a mentor of mine to watch Jane Fonda’s TEDx talk called “Life’s Third Act.”

What she says is profound.

Jane talks about the last third of our lives; roughly from the time we turn 60, until our end. She talks about redefining ourselves, forgiving our past, and becoming whole again.

Well, I’m turning 60 in just a few months, and what she shared really hit home. It brought to light a big mind shift that I have been seeking to create for myself for some time now. You see, I’ve spent my life operating and living in the land of…

Performing. Striving. Earning.

There are many reasons, both internal and external, why I’ve lived my life this way and the truth is I’m exhausted because of it. I’m learning to forgive my past circumstances, and instead focus on what I want my third act to include.

I’ve always heard that life changes and you start to think differently when you turn 60. Jane shares that it’s like climbing a staircase, bringing us into wisdom, wholeness and authenticity. Sign me up for that!

With that said I’m declaring my third act and I look forward to…

Expressing. Impacting. Receiving.

As I sit with and feel into these distinctions for myself, they begin to grab both my unconscious and conscious imagination and I’m already noticing some amazing shifts (and gifts) in my life.

Jane shares that we should peak in our third act, not in our second (mid-life) as we were taught to do.

How will you use your time, whether or not you’re even close to 60? How will you live it successfully?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


PS – Click here to watch Jane’s TEDx talk. It’s well worth the 11 minutes.


  • Michelle Reply

    So happy to read this! I’ve been thinking about you lately wondering what you have been creating. I can’t wait to see more!

    • Rick Reply

      Thank you Michelle– this has been a bit of a introspective time. Lots of expressing this last year, needed some internal processing time this late summer and early Fall. And I can feel the wheels of creativity coming back online. Be on the look out for cool new stuff! Honored that you read these blogs! Thank you! Rick

  • Lisa Friedlander Reply

    Oh Rick thank you thank you so much. You have been on my mind a lot. I love the metaphor of the staircase. I like the idea of studying our first two acts, so powerful. I will reach out soon, I have more clarity on the next act – for sure. Much love xxx

    • Rick Reply

      Thx for commenting– looking forward to hearing what is cooking for you!
      Best always– Rick

  • Kate Sholonski Reply

    Congrats on your approach to your staircase! I know you will make your third act worthy of a standing ovation!

    This metaphor resonates with me. Nearly 6 years ago as I approached my 60th birthday, I realized if I wanted to live bigger, fuller, deeper then I had better get crackin’. I did. I stepped beyond fears, old beliefs secondary to a lifetime of hardwiring and started taking leaps into the unknown. I can honestly say this is the best (most rewarding and lucrative) time of my life. As I continue to climb the staircase, I intend to enjoy each step, pausing to do a little dance on the ones that light me up the most. Onward….there is so much more to enJOY!

    • Rick Reply

      Inspiring to read– thx Kate. Always love hearing your wisdom too!

  • Terry Yoffe Reply

    thanks so much for sharing your own thoughts on approaching your third act, but sharing Jane Fonda’s thoughts. I love the metaphor of the staircase. I am in my third act and your message has inspired me to make some shifts. Be well and always wonderful hearing how you are doing and what you are up to. Be well and happy birthday my friend. :):)

    • Rick Reply

      You are such a joy to hear from– always! Your good work is so wanted– remember to not over think it too much. Go express it in some fun form and see what then wants to happen. Always- Rick

  • Marita Reply

    Now THIS is the conversation on a topic that I too am trying to “walk the talk” of and certainly want to do more talking about in exploration…

    • Rick Reply

      Me too! Go create ways for folks to be in this conversation– like a live video Zoom call. Invite me please! More to come friend!

  • suegleeson Reply

    Hi Rick, sounds like this is a place many of us are ready to explore. When I turned 60 three years ago i came across a great book called from Age-ing to Sage-ing by Rabbi Schachter Shalomi. He was exploring the same topic as he was turning 60 as well. He did a Life Review and developed a 2 day workshop which touches on Life Review, Life Repair, Mentoring and Legacy, and preparing for your own death. I took that 2 day workshop and offered it to a group of coaching clients who loved it. Surprisingly, the favourite section was preparing for your own death. It sounded like a scary thing to approach, but it turned out to be beautiful and freeing.
    So go, Rick go!
    Would be cool to think about approaching this all from a coaching perspective as well as a spiritual and expressive arts one.
    I have one year to go before retiring as a family physician Sept 30, 2019. I would like to put a lot of my energy into continuing to develop workshops etc which help us all to ascent that staircase. Great metaphor,Jane!
    Happy birthday, Rick!

    • Rick Reply

      So great to hear from you dear one! Love hearing about that book and the workshop. I am always inspired to figure out ways to have folks experience things from an inside out perspective– which I dare say you have done here and are always seeking to create. Your good work goes on……so fun to see it unfold over these many years. Always inspired by your commitment level!

  • Diane Reply

    Your thoughts about how performing, striving, earning can lead us to exhaustion really resonated with me. I just turned 60 this year and I have found myself wondering of late: What if I focused purely on what I feel called to do from a heart perspective vs striving to create work that has a financial payoff? I have two “quests” that are calling me and if I don’t stop thinking about the money component, they will never get off the ground.

    • Rick Reply

      I so get this challenge– money can run and ruin our creative lives forever. Yet, we need to make some. So play with the idea of focusing your creativity on IMPACT and then just make sure you have a responsible part of the creative process on INCOME as well. They must live together, otherwise just IMPACT leads to resentment of no income, which is not pretty. Do your best to not have this be an either or conversation, but rather a yes, and conversation. Yes to IMPACT, and to responsible INCOME. Our relationship to money is 99% of the deal. Think “garage start up” like Steve Jobs did. We all have to go through that phase.
      Excited to hear how the Quests unfold! Congrats to our commitment to make them REAL.

  • RJ Horner Reply


    Sounds like you are around 60 & you have wisdom to share. That is something I would like to talk about.

    It seems you want to #SHAREYOURWISDOM. That is what the 3rd Act is. It is about giving back & sharing #SHARE what you have learned. It is time for the crescendo. It is time for the build up of experiences to be delivered in a passionate culmination.

    There are many who could benefit from our knowledge, from our experience & our knowledge.

    It is time to give back.

    I would like to talk about this with you.

    RJ Horner,
    Host & Curator

    • Rick Tamlyn Reply

      Honored that this touched you RJ. What did you have in mind to talk about? And how? Sending you great vibes! Best- Rick Tamlyn

  • Carmen Mendoza Reply


    Turning 65 at the same time I was going through a major move back in January, which required lots of things like purging no longer acuminated things, putting a house up for sell and packing along with signing up for social security and Medicare was the perfect storm. But now that I have sailed through the storm, I am in my new normal and flourishing. The mountains and the open space of the Mojave Desert has renewed my soul to a depth I have never known before. I am enjoying my coaching business immensely. My niche is coaching women running for public office and I also offer harmonic light sessions as part of my coaching business. Life is fantastic in this last third of this life.

    • Rick Tamlyn Reply

      Wow– I so love hearing this breakthrough Carmen. I know when we chatted, it was an interesting time for you. I am so inspired to hear what life has opened up for you! Congrats!

  • Tony Barton Reply

    Great topic Rick. I decided that my 60’s would be my golden years. I’m currently on a bike trip through France from north to south a beraging 70 Miles a day and the mahotoof folks on the trip are in their 60’s and they(we) are all fit as fiddles and full of life – we are so lucky NOT to be considered old at this age…and we’re not. Prioritise your health and keep doing what truly makes you happy.

  • Rick Tamlyn Reply

    Love hearing your next chapter story Tony! Sending you great vibes as you continue to do the good work that you do.
    Much love- Rick

  • Hélène Rodrigue Reply

    Hello Rick! Thank you for your thoughtful message. I loved the TED from Jane Fonda and as I am getting closer to my «Third act» myself, it is great to be inspired with this wonderful shift of mindset! Give a big kiss to Chuck for me!

  • Diana Brown Reply

    Hi Rick, thank you for this timely email with it’s wise vision.
    Being almost 71 I have been a acutely aware of the need to spend my remaining time in a fulfilling way, putting emphasis on utilizing my strengths, inreasing creativity and reckoning my past. Your words, together with Jane’s incredible video, have given clarity as to how this might become a reality.
    Thank You!
    Diana Brown

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