It matters (and why you should care)

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A couple of days ago I was running around like crazy prepping for a small workshop I’m delivering in New Hampshire. I was prepping the Bigger Game, which I’ve done a million times, and yet I still found myself way too busy getting ready.

But at the same time I realized that the busy-ness I was experiencing was a good thing. It made me remember that it matters.

Whether it’s a five-minute conversation with a potential client, or a friend on the phone, or a workshop in a small New England town, or even a roomful of high powered Fortune 100 executives, it all matters deeply and the same.

I believe that for a coach/consultant/thought leader to be successful, it’s important to have everything matter. Every person matters. Every voice matters. Every conversation matters. And it all matters equally.

Before each and every workshop or keynote I deliver, I always walk around the empty room before the attendees enter and I actually touch every chair. There’s a person about to sit in that chair, and what they will say will matter. Their voice will make a difference.

My little “touch the chairs ritual” is about being intentional, and creating the space for all voices to be heard. Recently I led a small team group training, and once I trained this concept, it really shifted the conversation the team was having. Each and every voice mattered.

When I started to operate from this perspective that every moment matters with every person – that became a game changer for me with my life – both personal and business.

What matters most to you? What do you need to make matter more in your life?



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  • Dean Regan Reply

    My thoughts need to matter more in my life. I believe that my thoughts either lift me up or f@#! me up and that I choose my thoughts. Yes, a stay negative thought, unhelpful thought, less than peaceful thought isn’t going to upset the music of my life, but the consistent tempo and flow of my thoughts makes a huge difference. Our thoughts conduct us to play a BIGGER GAME (or a smaller game). The each individual thought, like a single note in a melody of music, connect to create something remarkably unique. It matters what thoughts I create because the music of my life (my sense of feeling good, my relationships, my chosen area of focus in life) DEPENDS on my choices to think thoughts that give the music of my life nuance and flow and energy and dynamics. My thoughts matter most to me because from that … the music of my life unfolds.

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