CURVEBALL: Two tested strategies for a remarkable life

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Everything you’re about to read in this article is made up. Really. It’s all made up! If you think about it… everything is made up. Your life, relationships, careers, experiences… everything. How you see yourself and others, your opinions and beliefs, they are all made up. Life is made up.

I believe that you get to make up your life, and it’s your birthright to do it however you choose. You’ve been given some remarkable gifts – the gifts of freedom and choice to design your life however you want.

I believe that you desire a fulfilling life, and truth be told, you probably wouldn’t be reading this right now if you didn’t! Do you have a longing, a desire, a passion to a live a remarkable life? Do you want more out of life, and you’re just not sure how to achieve your desires and dreams?

I believe we all yearn for more. And the “more” that I’m referring to is not more money or more stuff, but rather more of a life that is truly magnificent in every aspect. A life that is more about purpose, and less about the material things we’ve accumulated. A life filled with more honesty and intimacy, more friendships and community.

And, it’s easy to get stuck along the way and loose sight of what you truly desire. Life can sometimes throw you a curveball when you least expect it, and can cause you to loose focus with what is truly important.

When that happens, following are two tested strategies that will keep you focused:

Look For the Best
What would your life be like if you looked for only the best in people? Forget about their faults and shortcomings, and instead concentrate only on the good things.

Here’s what I know: If you look for the best, you’ll get the best. And I believe that if you do that, others in turn will look for only the best in you.

Here’s the gift in this strategy… when we’re all looking for only the best in each other, the universe will provide incredible gifts. I know this to be true.

And when that starts to happen, the world becomes your oyster. There is nothing more powerful than the energy of the human spirit desiring the best for each other!

From this your life will unfold as you want it to – you will start to create a truly remarkable life.

Speak Your Passion
Many of us have learned to keep our truest passions tucked away, deep inside. Chances are you might be afraid or embarrassed to share them. Or perhaps your family or career must come first. Here’s the deal: start speaking what you’re passionate about TODAY. It doesn’t matter what it is. Listen to your inner voice and go for it.

I’ve always seen a world that celebrates the power of human potential, and so I came up with the idea of creating a platform that showcases only good things happening in our world. Many of my friends thought I was crazy.

But that didn’t deter me. I dared to create my annual conference; it’s my expression of how I want the world to be. It’s a place where folks gather with like-minded others and dream big. It’s a place that inspires you to play your own bigger game.

It was born from my unspoken passion. And I couldn’t keep the idea to myself any longer.

You, too, can create and design your version of this. Start speaking about your unspoken passion TODAY. Don’t be shy about it!


I believe that if you embrace the above strategies, your life will go in a direction that you once only dreamed about, and you will become more successful in generating something truly remarkable.

Remember, it’s all made up, and we get to create our lives however we choose.



  • David Pailthorpe Reply

    Such GREAT ADVISE!!!

  • Rick Tamlyn Reply

    Thx David. Hope you’re creating a great week!

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