Are you a wanderer?

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As you might know, my annual event is coming up in September – and to be clear, this post is NOT about the event or trying to enroll you to join me.

I’ve been busy prepping for the event, though, and a distinction became clear to me that I just had to share.

Being transparent, creating an event of this size and scope is a bit daunting, and at times overwhelming.

It’s easy for me to overthink and overanalyze just about everything related to the event.

Am I creating the right event? I wonder.
Will everyone benefit from attending? I wonder.
Will people be glad they came? I wonder.
Did we pick the right color of table linens? I wonder.
How will the food be? I wonder.

The list could go on and on, and I could quickly find myself on a hamster wheel, spinning and spinning and going nowhere fast.

Here’s what I know though…

When you wonder too much, you start to wander… and then nothing gets created. Nothing gets accomplished.

Too much wondering creates too much wandering.

The more wondering I do, the more lost I get.

What I know is…

There is creativity in you that wants to be expressed. If you sit around and just wonder about it, instead of just getting started, you’ll end up just wandering around.

For me, I’m going to stop with the wondering. And instead, I’m going to keep expressing my own creativity, whether it’s in a perfect form or not. I hope that you will too.  Share your thoughts here.



  • Rev. Celeste M. Warner Reply

    Dearest Rick, Jack and I are looking forward to your September event. We both has specific things that we would love to achieve. We want to boost our enthusiasm around our work. Jack in addition to teaching is responsible for the success of recruiting students for the doctoral program where he teaches full time at Johnson and Wales University. I am long for inspiration and fresh ideas to grow my Center. I am now an ordained minister and Senior Minister at the Center for Spiritual Living Southern Rhode Island. I have no doubt whatever that each of us will leave the event with our expectations perfectly met and beyond.
    We are really looking forward to seeing you and Chuck. We are coming in on Monday at Trinity for Ministerial Respite before the program begins.
    I will continue to Treat for you both and the success of this program. I love you both! Celeste

    • Rick Reply

      Super super excited and honored that you both are coming! I so promise a kick-ass event to jumpstart both of your passions! C u soon friends!

  • Christine Reply

    Rick – as always your topics are timely. I am preparing my first ever paid outside of work 100% my baby leadership program. Yup jumping into doubt or as you put it , the wondering – wandering zone, so checked my email on my wandering vs. Writing the last bit to make it official. There you are to kick my but and asking me to step into the light. Thank you for being you, sharing it with the world, and being vulnerable that is so honest strong and admirable.
    Sending love and light Christine Ripley

    • Rick Reply

      Let’s make up that you actually co-created this blog for yourself and I just happened to be the author of your own messaging! Interesting idea to consider. Much success as you do your good work in our world!
      Thank u for being so committed to it! Best aways-Rick T.

  • Mark Brown Reply

    Rick–My wife and I joined you a few years ago for a Bigger Game retreat. You filmed us declaring our intentions and I stood up and announced that I would bring expeditionary leadership into the world. Certainly I did a lot of wondering, and wandering, but I also kept the main thing the main thing. My book, which introduces Expeditionary Leadership, is being published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers and will be in the stores October 15. I will be promoting the book throughout the fall and launching a learning portal! Playing my Bigger Game helped bring me here. Thank you. And, I agree with you completely. Writing my book meant committing–most of it was written between 4:30 and 7:30 AM because I had a full time job to go to. And sometimes I did, and still do wonder and wander. But I know to return to the magic!

  • Rick Reply

    HUGE congrats Mark to your good work being made real!!!!! SO thrilled for you– and even more thrilled for our world to experience it! Sending you much much success with it. May I refer to it as a success story of one’s Bigger Game being made real? Would be honored to do that. Keep up the magical good work. Again, huge congrats! ps– where can I buy it? I am assuming Amazon. Make sure I know so I can promote for you as well!

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