The truth about my impact and ego in the world

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The other day I was watching a very well produced video of a person who I admire in the personal and business development space – Marie Forleo. Her video was off the charts wildly compelling and professionally done. I was struck with the level of impact that she is playing at and the risk-taking and creativity she keeps pushing the boundaries with.

I believe that she truly wants to make a difference… and that she’s not just in it for the income. She’s in it for the impact first, income second. Now, she’s probably making really good money, which then allows her to up her impact in tremendous ways. I’m all for it.

After watching, I turned to Chuck and said, I am so sorry that I have my “big impact dream.”

Chuck was a bit dumbfounded and asked me why I was apologizing. I said because my “big impact dream” never seems to be satiated or fulfilled. Will I ever find a there there? Will I ever really be fulfilled and happy? Will it ever be “good enough?”

And then it hit me, I am just one of those people that is driven by the big impact game. I mean, once I really thought about it, I did write a book called Play Your Bigger Game.

Why would I apologize for my big impact dream and wanting to have a bigger impact in this life?

Many of us in the personal and leadership development space are the same… and will be forever. Let’s just own it and get on with it.

I’ve certainly had success in my career and I’ve learned that that can come with a price. What gets said and/or projected on me are things like:

“Rick, aren’t you ever satisfied?”
My answer is more complicated than YES or NO.

“Rick, wow, you’re super busy.”
You bet I am. I have never been more engaged in life than I am at 60!

“Rick, sometimes it feels like your ego is going wild a bit.”
Perhaps it is, but as long as I am good and clear with my motivation, I’m good with myself and can stay in the game with pride.

One of my role models to keep me in check with myself is Meryl Streep. She’s a great example of being wildly committed to her craft and LOVES her work so much without any apology. When I am at my best, I strive to hold that integrity within myself.

Here’s my truth: I love supporting and directing people towards their bigger impact dream!

I think the bottom line is I can feel in me the need to apologize for the deep hunger and big life I long to have (I’m not sure why I feel as though I have to apologize but rest assured I will discuss this with my spiritual Jungian guide. I know that great wisdom will be revealed.).

I get that I must stop apologizing for my big impact life that I long to have. And if by chance you are with me in some room or event somewhere, and you smell a whiff of apology coming off of me, just gently (or not so gently) tell me to stop apologizing for what lives in my DNA, my heart and soul of who I long to become.

What lives inside your DNA? Who do you long to become? I’d love to hear about it.



  • Andrea Willets Reply

    Hey Rick, I can so relate to what you are sharing here, and just the other day I had the thought, “Is our company ever going to monetize in a way that will sustain our desire to build the impact we want to have in the world??? And, if it doesn’t what then?” I stayed with this very uncomfortable feeling and began to imagine walking away…from this work, from the air I breathe, from the way of BEing in my life.” THAT felt lifeless, and unimaginable. I simply can’t feed the fear or the apology (something I am also very good at). I must stay the course, and do the work, everyday. And, trust the impact my choice to stay is having on me…. It is the wild ride, it is the only ride, and I sure as hell didn’t begin this adventure for the money, and yes the money is needed to create the sustainability, and it will come, because I can’t walk away, it is all too important. I realize that I am sustainable, I have the bandwidth to stay the course for the money to flow, however long that takes, and in the meantime, I get to create impact that serves others everyday. I’m rich! Thank you for sharing- you are one of my greatest teachers about STAYing, staying in adversity, staying fo the sake of what is true. With Gratitude xo

    • Rick Reply

      I know we are siblings of a different Mother. And what I am getting more and more excited about is how the money is about the sustainability of the good work. Without it, I am headed toward struggle and suffer and who wants to be around that. Are you touching enough people each week with your good work? At some point it does become a numbers game….bigger numbers…point to bigger potentials….which point to bigger sales…which points to bigger impact….and repeat! Always sending great thoughts to you. What is your latest website of your work? Would love to go check it out.

  • Chris Allen Reply

    Hi Rick, Looking forward to the Produce You event this week with you (and many women I know, trust and respect). I completely resonate with this post. It is what drives me. When you see activists like 16-year-old Greta Thünberg taking on Congress, being daring and bold, it inspires me so much (and of course is critical for all of us to save our planet). Yesterday, I shared the drawing I did at the Bigger Game two years ago with my husband, Rob. He laughed with sincerity but did not bat an eye at my “bigger game”, which I defined as “Helping people work together better to create a better world for all (including future generations and all life).” LOL. I apologized too and told him it didn’t mean that I want to work “all the time” but that this is what drives me. See you in Silver Bay soon! Thanks, Chris

    • Rick Reply

      Hi Chris– thanks for your beautiful comments. I too was blown away this past week by Greta. Wow…talk about impact. I so look forward to supporting you and all who are coming to make your Bigger Game very real, very tangible and compelling…and support you in making it “your business.” Travel safe.
      Super honored and excited.
      Best always- Rick

  • Dave Bahr Reply

    Rick, it is so refreshing to read this post from you. When in Produce U last year, there was so much great content, so many great ideas, but a lingering sense of “is this good enough?” The answer of course was, and is, “hell yeah it’s good enough.” Your impact to where I personally am now cannot be overstated, there’s a reason you are in the acknowledgments of my book, Prave: the Adventures of the Blind and the Brittle.

  • Rick Reply

    I too had that feeling Dave, thus I wrote this blog post from that feeling. Blog posts come from our confronting moments most, not from our clarity moments. Honored to be a support Dave. Priscilla is wildly proud of both of us….I know this to be true. I will always believe in you Dave…always, always, always. Love, Rick

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