Finding Your Passion in Life Can Be Tricky Business!

What’s your passion? What makes you tick? What gets you so excited, that you can’t wait to get out of bed each morning and start your day?

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It’s easy to let life circumstances, or the “golden handcuffs” at work, keep us preoccupied and focused on anything but our passions. According to a recent article in The Huffington Post, 88% of employees don’t have passion for their work. 88%!

As you probably know by now, I love helping folks find their true passion, their true calling in life. I remember my Dad always used to say to me, “When you get to the end of your life, you want to look back and say, that was a great ride,” rather than say “I wish I had done something different.”

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been 15 years since Laura Whitworth and I created The Bigger Game methodology. We wanted to find a way to inspire executives, leaders, and individuals to get out of their comfort zones and invent the life they want.

Ever since, I’ve been busy crisscrossing the globe, always eager to encourage folks to find and play their bigger game. For me, it’s my passion!

One thing that I’m really excited about is the upcoming Bigger Game Living Retreat. It’s offered only once per year, in a place near and dear to my heart: Silver Bay YMCA in upstate NY.

retreat box-01Along with my co-leader, Shannon Kelly, we’ve taken the traditional 2-day Bigger Game workshop and expanded it to create a 4-day retreat experience. The Bigger Game philosophy will be embedded in you, and you’ll be transformed from the inside out.


If you’ve been meaning to take some time to truly explore your passion, to really take a look at what makes you most excited, please consider joining us. As an added bonus you’ll get to experience the Adirondack mountains, tremendous Fall foliage, and some cozy dinners by a fire in a centuries-old wooden boathouse, nestled on Lake George.

Register today and save $100 on your program fee. Click here and enter 100off at checkout.

Here’s to your Bigger Game!
With gratitude,

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