Decision Time? 3 options to consider

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Just the other day I turned 61 and did a Facebook Live post declaring that I would not make any decisions from the place of fear for a solid year.

My post seemed to resonate and spark a lot of interest.

In the past, whenever I have made ANY decision from a fear place, it has never worked out well for me… and I mean never.

My past fear-based decisions have always opened up a whole big world of shame and blame that is just not that interesting to me anymore. I’m done with that.

I see three (3) options that we can make when it comes to making a decision:

  1. Make your decision from a place of love and passion (make sure it compels you).
  2. Put your decision “on hold” because you’re not clear (clear and fear are two very different things).
  3. Make your decision from fear.

Over my next year, I plan to only make my decisions using option 1 and 2 above. Are you with me? If so, create a sign and put it in your bathroom mirror or office wall as a reminder:

And then watch what happens throughout your year… I dare say it will be miraculous!

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  • christine ripley Reply

    I read this today and immediately placed it on my Motto board in my office. Your words often hit that board but this one really stuck a cord. I had been delaying doing work on a project that is moving me closer to my dream. Which is a much larger manifesto but in part: Be the spark that creates positive leaders in the world! Then although I am home ill spent 4 hours working on that very project.

    Thank you for playing your bigger game and leading the way for many of us!

    Sending Love and Light,

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