Spotlight: Can blurred lines be a good thing?

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I had a most incredible meal the other night with a dear colleague of mine. It was truly an evening filled with much gratitude and joy. At one point our conversation moved to how our work in life has now become our play in life.

What a concept, right?

I was sharing that my own work in the world is filled with such joy, fun and meaning that it has become (almost always) wildly playful. The line between my “work” life and my “personal” life has become blurred. They’ve become one. And personally, I really like it this way. Believe me, prior to becoming a coach/trainer, I had some corporate jobs that physically made me ill.

In my mind, it’s critical to have your work and personal lives become blurred if you are truly going to play your Bigger Game (It’s PlayYour Bigger Game, not Workyour Bigger Game).

If you notice that your life is extremely compartmentalized between work and play, take a look and see if the workyou do is compelling for you. This does not mean, however, that there are not full on 100% play times that you get to enjoy. When I’m sailing on Lake George or at Disneyland in Los Angeles, I am in full-on play mode, and work is far from my mind.

Day-to-day, do you experience the sense that your work and play are blurred together into a tapestry of an integrated life?

In this new decade, ask yourself:  What does it look like for you to live an integrated life?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.



  • Lynn Young Reply

    Yasss! And “play” also means I’m way less tight—so all flows lubed by joy!!

    • Rick Reply

      Love love love the phrase–‘lubed my joy.’ May I borrow that phrase……best to you! Always!

  • Frank Wretzel Reply

    You have a way of bringing things down to a level where people relate to your being (or at least I do). Although I love what I do, and I love the challenges my work brings, I have been doing it for almost 50 years and I am trying to work my way out of my comfort zone to get to another level. Working on it………..

    • Rick Reply

      Let yourself be guided in life now……there is no rule or law that says at our age we should have figured it out by now……more to come friend! Best always-Rick

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