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Are you short on clients? Or don’t have enough people interested in your products or services?

Here’s the truth:

Speaking is the fastest way to attracting. Speak about your passions and your business, and the world becomes your oyster. It’s that simple.

But what do you say? And how do you say it?

I’m not a fan of a canned “signature talk” that you simply repeat over and over. Instead, I love supporting folks in creating quick concise “talks” that create a compelling moment of understanding and inspiration.

Here’s what I’ve learned over the years…

When someone starts to experience you (and your wisdom) in a concise and direct way, they want to follow you more. And when more people follow you, you’ll start to attract fans of your good work. And when you have fans circling you, all of a sudden you have possible buyers (clients) right in front of you. With buyers, your good work starts to get spread, potentially throughout the world, and you get paid for doing something you love.

So with that said, I invite you to learn 3 simple components to create a 3-minute compelling power talk. A power talk that will leave folks excited and eager to learn more about you.

A power talk that you:

  • Can use when being interviewed.
  • Can share from a stage.
  • Can be used on a sales call.
  • Can use in conversation at a party or networking event.
  • Can use to introduce yourself wherever you might be.

Truth be told, by using my simple formula, you’ll be able to create 3-minute power talks over and over again, and see results because of it.

Join me on March 16 for Create Your 3-Minute Power Talk. You’ll leave with a brand-new way to talk about what you do, so that ultimately you’ll be asked “tell me more,” and perhaps even get hired and paid.

Click here to learn more and to register for free.



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