Is it time to go before you know? Here’s why you should

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When I first hung my “I’m a coach” shingle, I spent a fair amount of my time “getting ready” to be in business for myself.

I agonized over what my business card should say.
I wrote and rewrote my bio and never seemed to be happy with it.
I stressed endlessly about the design of my website.

Looking back, it seemed like I was not able to make a decision about anything. UGH. What I realize now is that I kept different plates spinning to occupy my time and energy, instead of actually creating a real To Do List and getting things done.

I’ve learned a lot about my business and myself since then! Now, my favorite mantra is:

It’s Time to Go Before You Know!

Say what?! How can you go before you know? Well, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of having it all figured out before you start something.

When this happens to me, I remember these three tips:

Stop trying to be brilliant.

Our own “look good and better-be-brilliant self” can get in the way of the insights you can offer to others. And the best way to find your insight is to look at what you have learned about yourself today from your life experience and simply offer that. What you learned today, is what others might need to hear from you today.

Focus on what you are committed to (rather than trying to be confident).

I believe confidence is a completely over-rated place to focus… it’s too self-oriented.

I have no idea if I’m confident or not. What I do know is that when I focus on what I am committed to day to day, confidence is a non-issue. I’m not a parent, yet I have heard from parents that they’re committed to their children. They might not feel like they know what they’re doing in the moment, yet their commitment to a positive outcome creates confidence.

Ask for help more than you think you are allowed to or think you should.  

No one has ever had success without working their “ask for help muscle.” I know this is so obvious, yet we forget in the midst of our busy days. And I know you know his too… asking for help is a sign of good leadership rather than a sign of weakness.

We have to lower the shame of not knowing how… all you need is the desire to create what you want. And then have it be totally okay that you don’t know how. It takes a village. And that’s okay.

Imagine if you stopped trying to get in right, and just got started instead. What might you create?

More to come-

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