Why You Should Listen To Your Inner Voice This Holiday Season

blog ads 2-01Happy Holidays to you and yours this beautiful time of year.

I notice that every year at this time, I want to “birth” something. The desire to let go of the old and see what wants to be created gets very loud in my thoughts and heart.

We had a small dinner party last night and much of the conversation was about the desire for what wants to happen in the coming year and beyond. It just happened. It was not a planned conversation or anything. The essence of “new” was all around the dinner table.

So the question becomes, do we follow this “birthing urge” or do we ignore that inner voice and lean back into living business as usual? I suggest we say no to business as usual. Let your inner voice become louder – write it, speak it, share it, paint it, dance it, sing it – whatever form it wants to take… let it be born!

Your inner voice lives in you for a reason – it guides you to express the next level of your talent. REALLY!

May your holiday season be joy-filled with much love all around. Here’s to a deeply rich and amazing 2014.

More to come!
With gratitude,

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