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When we think of the word “relationship” most of think about being in relationship wtih people, whether it be family, friends, loved ones, intimates, etc. And what I am becoming keenly aware of as I get older, is my relationship to the non-people stuff in my life. For example… money, love, the world around me, etc. What is my relationship to all of these things is a fascinating place to look.

We think they are all just topics that we are trying to manage and change. And yet, if we think about them in terms of a being in a “relationship” with them, it changes the game completely. If I do not realize I can have a consciously created relationship to money, then I am just victimized by how much I have at any given moment. If I do not realize that my relationship to love is completely creating my experience with love in my life, then I am in complete denial. So, take a look around at your circumstance and ask yourself, “What is my relationship with X, Y or Z?” This level of awareness can change everything. Really, go create a new relationship with these things in your life and see how they change – just like you can go change your relationship with any person and it opens up new vistas of possibility. The same principles apply! Have at it!

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  • Dave Pailthorpe Reply

    In our Managerial Coaching Porgram, We teach the ACT method. The A is for awareness, You have to be aware of who you are, where are you (persently and spiritually) where others around you are, what is the aura around everyone. Then you can begin to make (C) choices about everything. What you say,do,etc, Then you can progress to the (T) tenacity place. How long are you willing to stick with your choices. Regards, Dave

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