Express Yourself!

I was at the Apple store today getting a major lesson on the power and usage of iCloud (amazingly useful system.) And next to me at the training table was this charming elderly man having the time of his life learning Garage Band, an Apple software package that creates music. He could not have been more excited as each new element of how he could create music was revealed. At one point he said out loud, “I have no musical talent or know how music really works, but this is so fun.” His joy was deeply infectious. I was so reminded of a very clear mantra that I am finally beginning to embrace: We are here on this Earth to express ourselves… period… end of sentence!

We are not here to save the world, fix the world, change the world. The world will do that on its own, with our without us. Like Madonna sang years ago (showing my age here), we are here to express ourselves in some form or another. And as life progresses we are eager to find new ways to express ourselves. This joyous man next to me in the Apple Store was my muse and whisper of this. He could have certainly been home as a retired person cleaning out his garage or something similar and yet he was here wanting to express himself through music. (This is the real reason Apple Inc. is so successful – they have tapped into our desire to express ourselves through music, photos, videos, books, etc.) All I could think about was my Dad, who is no longer with us. The goal in life from his era was to work really hard to EARN the ability to retire (hopefully.) I am here to say retirement is over-rated. Expressing ourselves till our last breathe is the path and secret of a full and rich life. So, what is the latest expression of you? Or what is it that you calls to you that must be created?

And oh, by the way… This context of “expressing yourself in life” is what it means to play a Bigger Game! So, play on and express yourself. And if you are moved, I would love to hear what is a current expression of you. One of mine right now is The Bigger Game Expo in 2013 which we are are so excited about as we plan for great keynoters and activities. More to share about that later. Namaste!


  • Ken Carlson Reply

    Authentic, creative, expressive is the mantra of The Poet’s Way. Dan, Carolyn, Marci, and I would love to bring this expression to your expo and bring the contagious joy of poetry to that space.

  • Helen House Reply

    I love the simplicity of this, Rick. This is such a deep hunger in us. It’s so sad all the ways we stop ourselves or squelch one another in our attempts. It’s easy to think that expressing ourselves has to either be out loud or involve a paint brush or a microphone. Sometimes I feel I express myself fully riding my bike, choosing fresh organic kale at the food co-op, or by not using the back door while the robin sits in her next on my back porch. It doesn’t have to be splashy, but it does have to be authentic.

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