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Hi friends,

As I enter into 2016, I have had this inner pull to “up the game” – for me and for my coaching practice. It is so time to shake it all up and go to the next level. If this idea grabs your imagination, please read on…

  • Are you a rock star without a venue?
  • Are you ready to create in your world your bigger game?
  • Are you so done with “business as usual”?
  • Do you long to have big impact?
  • Is it time to truly take that dormant dream of the work you long to create and make it real? And yet you’re not quite sure where to begin?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, let’s talk.

I am looking for Bigger Game Players to work with me one-on-one who are ready and willing to roll up their sleeves and change their games and make stuff real – like no kidding!

And I can only work with three.

Work with me exclusively, one-on-one, for a minimum 6-month period.

  • Coaching/mentoring/consulting or whatever else is needed
  • Create something big in your life
  • Be held accountable for your vision
  • Intense one-on-one support

Does this tweak your creative juices?

If it does, let’s talk.

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What I know is that we are all creative geniuses – some of us choose to give that part of us time, space and creative expression and some of us wonder if it is possible.

While my private coaching can be a significant life investment, it will be a transformational one for you.

Results take investment. Please only reach out if you are ready to invest and move from “wonder if” to “will do.”


PS – I can only take on 3 new clients in this capacity. Let’s find out if it is you!

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