Money Talks? Passion Sings!

The other day I was on a business conference call and someone said that classic business phrase, “Well, money talks, you know.” Now, I so know what they meant and even agree with the underlying meaning… be fiscally responsible with our business money decisions. And yet later in the day (during my daily jog) it came to me – what if we said more often “passion talks” or better yet “passion sings.”  What would life be like for all of us if we let passion drive our decisions a good portion of the time? I know this is easier said than done, yet I do know that when things are done from the space of passion, the money takes care of itself. Many of you reading this today know this to be true! So, the next time you hear the phrase “money talks, you know,” either from yourself or from someone else, dare to replace it with “passion sings, you know.”  And great songs change our world!


  • Kathy Reply

    Love your thought – “passion sings” … I also was thinking, what if we responded – “what is money saying?” – because there are so many assumptions about what it means to say “money talks” – but I wonder how many people actually sit down and explore the field of money – what the field of money would actually have to say…perhaps a lot about passion!

  • Luann Horobin Reply

    Love this that money talks and passion sings, and I would add that love and passion sing:))

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