I was doing my run yesterday and was getting very passionate about various things in my life. Yet as each topic was filled with joy and enthusiasm there was this habitual thought that said, “but you cannot have or do that because… (fill in the blank here with “not enough money,” “not enough time,” “not filled with enough wisdom or smarts,” etc)… you get the idea. Now we all know about this experience and it got me wondering about this process. There is this word in our language called “lackluster” which means:


  • lacking  brilliance or radiance; dull: lackluster eyes.
  • lacking  liveliness, vitality, spirit, or enthusiasm: a lackluster performance.
Wow, talk about a downer, eh? This is the energy that would come roaring in after my passion was ignited. Well, this had me realize that we do not have a word that means the direct opposite (or maybe I just do not know it.) There are words like “enthusiastic,” “alive” and “spirit filled” that do capture the essence, but no word that truly mirrors the opposite energy of “lackluster.” So, I am daring to make up a new word to begin to use out loud…”Joyluster.” What if I just let myself follow the trail of joy and excitement and let that create my future rather then stop it in its tracks with this “lackluster” voice. I know my life would (will) be different. I have a comfort zone habit of lackluster thoughts — now it is time to create the new art form of the “Joyluster” voice speaking way more in my day. What if we all did this together — talk about co-creating an amazing world.
What you say? Will you join me?


  • Kathy Reply

    Oh Rick – I love this – I’m in!

    • Rick Tamlyn Reply

      Love hearing this! Have at it Kathy.

  • Kate Sholonski Reply

    Consider me by my your side….kind of a joy spotter. Love your new word by the way. I will use it in a sentence regularly. 🙂

  • Eden Reply

    Wonderful thought, Rick! Yes, let’s all co-create!!

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