Interrupting Your Summer Vacation

Rick's BlogHi friends,

I’m about to take a vacation, and that’s big news for me! This vacation will actually be a “stay-cation” and I couldn’t be more excited.

As an entrepreneur, I must admit that I can get nervous about taking time off. What if something “big” occurs while I’m away? What if a potential client decides to hire someone else? What if I miss an opportunity because I didn’t respond to an email sooner? What if… What if… My list goes on and on…

Well, I keep learning that I must practice what I preach. I talk a lot about the importance of the sustainability square on the Bigger Game Board, and the definition of that includes self care: your mental and physical health, eating right, taking time off, etc., all in the name of creating and growing your Bigger Game into our world. I believe that we must first take good care of ourselves in every possible way in order to thrive in our world. And I know at times (at least for me), it’s hard to remember that.

sustainability-01-1For my stay-cation I plan to take a few naps(!), and I’m looking forward to boating, water-skiing and simply relaxing with Chuck and my family (Chuck has told me that this also means no email-checking and social media… wish me luck on that one).

How are you taking care of yourself this summer?

More to come!

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