I believe we all want more

IAMU logo 2x2-02Everything you’re about to read in this article is made up. Really. It’s all made up! If you think about it… everything is made up. Our lives… our relationships… our careers… our experiences… everything.

I believe that it’s our birthright to create and design our lives however we choose. And, I know that it’s easy to get stuck along the way and loose sight of what we truly desire. Life can sometimes be hard and significant. It can throw us a curveball when we least expect it, and cause us to loose focus with what is truly important.

I am starting off with a huge assumption about why you are still reading this blog post… You want more!

I believe we all want more, and the “more” that I’m referring to is not more money or more stuff; but rather a life more about purpose, and less about the material things we’ve all accumulated. A life filled with more honesty. More intimacy. More friendships. More inspiration. More meaning.

Following are two (2) concepts, tips, ideas – it doesn’t really matter what you call them (remember, it’s all made up!) – that I’m starting to use in my daily practice. Each is helping point me in a forward direction, and I’d like to encourage you to give them a try as well.

1).  Share your big dream.

For years I’ve wanted to share my message from the big stage. And I mean the really BIG stage. The more people the better. For such a long period of time I kept this hidden away, thinking that folks would think this big dream of mine was more about me, and less about my message. It’s not; and it’s time for me to be out about this!

Closeted dreams are a waste; like the clothes in our closets, you should wear them proudly for the world to see, or throw them away and go find a new dream (or shirt!).

Try this: Tell your big dream to at least 10 people within the next 24 hours and notice what it awakens in you (hint: you’ll get excited and feel more alive; it is so freeing to finally say your big dream out loud).

2).  Start to know something.

For the longest time, whenever Chuck and I would have a business development discussion, we would come up with a great idea and immediately ask each other, “Okay, how are we going to do that? How will we find the time? How will we find the money to create that?”

Our answer was always, “I don’t know.” Which meant that the topic would be dropped like a hot potato.

Now here’s the deal with “I don’t know.” If you keep saying, “I don’t know,” that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Try this: Instead of saying “I Don’t know,” start your sentence with “What I know is…” and see what wants to fall out of your mouth.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if you have the right answer or not. It might sound something like this: “What I know is that I don’t have the answer right now. What I know is it’s unfolding in front of me. What I know is there’s work for me to do here.”

If you don’t know how to complete the sentence, make something up (and have fun with this)!


I encourage you to try these very basic tips; and let me know how it goes!

Here’s to the “more” in your life, whatever that might look like for you… and remember, it’s all made up.

More to come-

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