Here’s my new favorite powerful question and why it works

As an entrepreneur, one of the questions I ask myself the most is “Will this work?”

During my jog yesterday, it suddenly hit me that this question is set up for failure the moment I either think it or say it. Inherently embedded in this question is “doubt.” This simple, yet not useful question, swims in a bubble of complete and unadulterated fear and worry.

Well, it seems as though the Universe was conspiring against me yesterday, because I also heard a minister friend say: “The Universe is committed to me at the level that I am committed to it.”

Well, when I ask myself “Will this work?” I am actually mirroring back to the universal law of cause and effect that I do not believe that it will work – and it usually does not. Simply put, this is a self-fulfilling prophecy in question form. The good news is there is a much better question to ask that moves your game toward a winning outcome.

Ask yourself instead: “What is the impact this will have?”

What I love about this question is that there is always an answer and it will never be a yes/no response. Yes/no responses are not creative; they are instead limiting, and have very little room for your imagination to run wild. When I ask about the impact, I am in a state of openness, curiosity and wonder. There is little room for doubt and fear. I just feel better.

The other day Chuck and I were talking about a new event we’re planning and we were discussing the best way to message and market it to our world. I remember going away from that meeting wondering if it was going to work… a.k.a. an open doorway into a pit of worry and anxiety.

I caught myself, though, and instead asked my new favorite question, “What is the impact this new event will have?”

I immediately had some answers that served and felt so much better:

“Folks who really want to deliver their message successfully will certainly gain value and learn a bunch of cool tips for success.”
“I know that I will feel fulfilled because whenever I get in front of people with something I deeply believe in, I come alive!”  

Wow, what a better state to be in rather than worrying about if it will work or not.

Now it’s your turn. Replace “Will this work?” with “What is the impact this will have?” and see the difference it creates in your life. I’d love to hear what you learn.

More to come-

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  • Rachel Simeone Reply

    OMG, I love this! Not only does this move us beyond doubt and fear, but it also moves us into choice. We can choose our next step based on what we expect or imagine the impact to be. I am already thinking of how I can use this with my clients! Thanks Rick!

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