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blog ads 2-02I’ve just returned home from a remarkable place in our world – Luxembourg. This was my first visit to this magical place, where people are kind, respectful, passionate and so real.

There is such a diversity of cultures that has created a sense of “all is OK in the world.”  Luxembourgers are filled with a unique sense of grace – like they know they are part of a larger world and as a very small country they know and take full responsibility for the big impact they are having.

As I was leading Bigger Game sessions throughout the city all last week, there were a number of situations that unfolded that were not part of the plan. Nothing major, but things like a challenging projector that in the moment caused me a bit of stress (my need to have it go perfect and be professional). These folks simply blended with it, had it be no big deal and kept looking for things to be easy and effortless. Several even said something along the lines of “Don’t worry about it, it will work, have patience.” And then of course it did.

I soon realized that this is a cultural perspective and I became a bit envious of this easy and effortless way of life.  As I was flying home and remembering my week, I realized a desire to bring this way of being into my own life more.  How might I have my daily life feel easy and effortless rather than reactionary and tense – which I know I go toward when the going gets tough?

Well, I don’t have a quick and proper answer, but at least I do know that step number one is the realization of what I want.

What about you? Are you ready for an easier and more effortless way of living? How might that look for you?

More to come-

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