Decision Time: Is getting it right really important?

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When I first hung my “I’m a coach” shingle, I spent a fair amount of my time “getting ready” to be in business for myself.

I agonized over what my business card should say.
I wrote and rewrote my bio and never seemed to be happy with it.
I stressed endlessly about the design of my website.

Looking back, it seemed like I was not able to make a decision about anything. UGH. What I realize now is that I kept different plates spinning to occupy my time and energy, instead of actually creating a real To Do List and getting things done.

I’ve learned a lot about my business and myself since then!

One thing that I started to do (just a few years ago) has become a game changing habit for me. I can truly say that this new habit grew my business (and my life!) faster than I could’ve ever imagined.

My game changing habit? Velocity of decision-making.

Notice I said velocity of decision-making, not accuracy of decision-making.

In the past, I always waited to make the “right” decision. I would agonize, overthink and simply just wait. And guess what, I didn’t always end up making a great decision.

Today, I make a lot of “right now” decisions. It’s a better place for me to operate from… it keeps me in the game and keeps me active.

The faster I make a decision – whether it’s a good one or not – the faster I can iterate, which causes me to learn faster, create faster, and figure things out faster.

Moving fast and making quick decisions has proven to be way more fun because it keeps me in a creative space, which for me is the biggest goal of life. At my core I believe that is the destiny of the human experience… to create. Create family, create business, create new ideas… which is ultimately all about creating impact. When we get to the end of our life, I believe we will be acknowledged for our impact… not our outcomes or our bank account.

What about you? Are you ready to make some “right now” decisions? I’d love to hear your thoughts.



  • Dean Regan Reply

    I’d like to respond to your suggestion that we practice velocity in decision making.

    But, first, I’m not sure if I should actually take the time to respond … I’m very busy and I have a lot to do. (Hold on, let me call my mentor and get my mentor’s thoughts on whether (or is it “if”) I should respond.)

    I’m back. Well, my mentor wasn’t there … so I crafted a response, but it wasn’t quite right — so I deleted it.

    Rick. Do you actually even really want a response from me? (I remember that time — two years ago when you looked cross-eyed at me … at least as I recall I THINK you did. Maybe you don’t want ME to respond.)

    What would I say anyway that would be of value to others?

    I just can’t decide if I should respond here.

    No, I should …

    …. well ….

    I’ve decided not to.

    …. or ….

    Taking a breath now.

    Deciding now.

    Recognizing: I have spent entire years of my life in the above conversation. Velocity of decision making is one of the most valuable practices! It is a concept that I learned from Rick a few years ago and I use it to this day. And I OFTEN find that I catch myself NOT using it. Yes, there is a certain quality I like to have in my decisions but when it comes to “analysis paralysis” … count me out.

  • Lynn M Young Reply

    “At my core I believe that is the destiny of the human experience… to create. Create family, create business, create new ideas… which is ultimately all about creating impact.”

    Me too! Let’s roll! Which is to say, create real, positive impact—not perfection!

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