Three things to start doing today to make your Bigger Game real

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It doesn’t matter if you don’t have your bigger game all figured out. Most of us don’t! But what’s important is to get started… and if you are willing to do the following today, trust me, the wheels will be put in motion:

  1. Look at what IS working in your life… rather than always seeing what is NOT working. Reflecting on what is NOT working is a comfort zone for most of us, and it simply doesn’t work!
  2. Stop blaming your life on past circumstances. The past is the past. What happened in the past is certainly relevant to who you are today, yet it’s time to get current with TODAY and focus on the FUTURE. Remember… it’s all made up!
  3. Remember your allies. They are all around you. I am personally blessed and fortunate to have my partner, family, friends and colleagues all around the world. I have to remember to lean into them and ask for help. I can’t do it alone. And I actually don’t want to… I have much more fun when I surround myself with my allies.

 I believe that at our core we are all Bigger Game players. We are each worthy of a life even greater than we can imagine. So dare to dream it. Dare to live it. Dare to Play Your Bigger Game. If you do that, an extraordinary life awaits.

More to come-

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