Can one little word really be a valuable breakthrough?

My thought this week is short and sweet. And a huge game changer if you really put this thinking and speaking into practice.

Can one little word really make a difference?

There is a one-word shift that can change your entire life. I promise that it can (and I hate when folks promise me things)…

Drum-roll please!

Think about this… ‘Life happens to me.’

Now, change it to… ‘Life happens FOR me.’

Say it out loud right now, and notice what shifts. It may be an obvious reality to live from, yet I drift from it frequently, and thus I am sharing it with you now. And let me quite frank and say that in the midst of huge life challenges, such as illness, loss and tragedy, this is no easy task. Think of this as a bit of a shift over time kind-a-thing.

You must allow yourself to first be in the perspective of ‘life happened to me’ before you can even consider ‘life happens for me.’

When you hold this powerful paradigm in the background as much as possible, it keeps you in that space of being a co-creator of your life experience rather than simply being a spectator of your life experience.

Try it for a few days, and see what it creates in you. I would love to hear your thoughts – both the light and the dark ones!


More to come-

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  • Debby Doig Reply

    As always thank you for sharing your brilliance. One simple word that creates profound shifts in our lives. Thank you!

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