ALLIES: It’s not just about you

A few days ago Chuck and I were watching the finale of the TV show “Rise.” We loved this new show and I was devastated that it was cancelled after the first season.

As the credits were flying by, I said that the actors on the show must be devastated.  Chuck, an ex-TV producer, and no stranger to having a TV show cancelled, was very quick to chime in… “Um, just remember that it’s not just about the actors, there are about 200 behind-the-scenes folks that are just as devastated.”

Think about that!

This was such a great reminder to me that it really does take a village to get something created. It takes more than just YOU to make something real.

While it might seem like there is only one “star” attached to a song, or TV show, or film, for instance, there is always a team in place to make it all possible.

If you’re anything like me, I can come up with a dozen different creative ideas in any given day, and most get stopped in their tracks because I couldn’t possibly execute the required tasks by myself.

For me, I’m truly blessed to be in business with Chuck. As an ex-TV producer, he knows how to get things done. I talk a lot about him in my workshops and events, and most people end up saying something like, “I need a Chuck! I need someone to produce me!”

Related, I was surprised to learn that Beyoncé’s Lemonade is credited with 72 writers. Yup, it took 72 different writers to get that album created. I can only guess how many additional folks it took as well: producers; technicians; marketing/distribution experts; and I’m sure many others that I can’t even imagine!

At face value, Beyoncé is the creative star and there is indeed a creative genius she brings to the table. And yet, it’s easy to forget (or to never realize) what it really took to make that album happen. To the general public it came out of nowhere, and was an instant overnight success.

Here’s the deal… I believe that we all do “need a Chuck…” In other words, we all should surround ourselves with the perfect allies that can help and support us. Trust me, it just goes way better.

More to come-

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