Asking for help; and why we all should

A dear mentor in my life, Elaine Jaynes, had this beautiful prayer she shared with a leadership group we co-led together many years ago.

It goes like this…

“Help… (pause),help… (pause),help…(breathe deep).” 

I will never forget how the room – and our beings – became quieter, calmer, more real and authentic after we did this together. Just three simple words, and yet, a profound positive impact.

As I reflect on this today, I am also reminded that we don’t need to know what type of help we might need. I can become shy and confused when I get caught thinking that I am supposed to know what to ask for. Many times I simply don’t know. I keep learning that positive outcomes occur from the asking for help, more than in the actual receiving of the help.

It is in the simple act of asking, that we begin to feel better and new insights to our situation arise. So reach out today and ask for support or help, especially if you have that feeling of going it alone. Please don’t. Go ask and see what opens up.

I promise something new will be created.


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