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blog ads 2-01I watched in amazement, just like most of us, as Britons decided to leave the EU. Now I try to live from the context of “who knows what is truly good or bad,” yet I cannot tell a lie…

When the vote was announced, I could feel my fear spiral begin its cycle as I watched the global economic markets tumble.

I was spiraling downward. And so were the markets. And this was not lost on me. I could feel I was co-creating this reality right in front of my eyes. Ugh! (And just to be clear, I’m not writing about whether Brexit is good or bad—really. Read on!)

The Monday after the now infamous Brexit vote, I was on a plane to go deliver a Co-Active coach training workshop with a multi-national, which I am always so honored and grateful to do.

We had leveled off at 36,000 feet and were cruising along gracefully above the clouds. With the Brexit news weighing heavy on me, I pulled out my journal (where I capture new thoughts, wisdom, business ideas, and anything else that wants to come through me at any given moment). All of a sudden the heavens of creativity opened up. And I could not keep up.

With my purple pen in hand, ten pages of info just poured through me and found itself in my journal. Some were random thoughts for future events, some were ideas that I’m sure I’ll never use, as well as some really great material for It’s All Made Up Live!

As an aside note: I love writing with the color purple – some color specialists have confirmed that the color purple vibrates at a higher frequency than any other color.

Well, today I was a believer of the color purple! New thoughts and ideas just poured out. And amongst them were Brexit and what it truly meant to me.

When I rose above (in this case literally) the current circumstance at hand (Brexit) and the fear it was generating in me, I could see it from a 36,000-foot vantage point. At this high elevation, it no longer had power to spiral me out. I was reminded that I’m not single-handily responsible for the world markets.

Now I know this seems so obvious, yet I was reminded in a very literal way to rise above this circumstance and see it from a much higher perspective.

As a leader of my own life, it is my job to rise above it (it’s okay to first feel the fear responsibly) and see what is being offered to me.

What about you? What circumstance(s) in your life is it time to rise above and see from a much higher perspective?

I invite you to take a look. Allow yourself to be wildly surprised with the new wisdom and insights that come through you. And for fun, the next time you are on an airplane, dare to take a big topic with you on that flight and see what might happen.

Fly on oh wise one! And let me know how it goes.


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