100 Compelling and Fun Reasons to Attend The Bigger Game Expo!

  1. You will be wildly inspired.
  2. Unsurpassed fun awaits you!
  3. You will meet like-minded folks from around the world.expo signs
  4. Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) is our featured keynoter.
  5. Elizabeth Gilbert will also do a mini-workshop with Rick – too fun!
  6. You’ll leave feeling awesome to create whatever is next in your life!
  7. Dan Pallotta, creator of the multi-day charitable events industry is a featured speaker.
  8. The venue, Silver Bay YMCA, should be on everyone’s bucket list – it’s a gorgeous waterfront campus on Lake George.
  9. It’s something like a TED Conference (but more fun!).
  10. It’s something like The Ellen Show (knowing Rick he’ll dance at some point)!
  11. The Coaches Training Institue (CTI) is a proud sponsor.
  12. The Gala Dinner on Saturday Night!
  13. Lee Woodruff, CBS This Morning contributor, is speaking at the Gala Dinner.
  14. Silver Bay YMCA is a great place to renew, refresh and nurture your spirit, mind and body.
  15. Register with a friend and each saves 15%.
  16. All meals/taxes/gratuities are included with your room!
  17. You’ll save even more if you share a room!
  18. A hosted wine reception each afternoon prior to dinner.
  19. The Beekman Boys, reality stars and winners of CBS’ Amazing Race are speakers!
  20. Rich & Yvonne Dutra St. John, co-founders of Challenge Day, are part of the opening session.
  21. The Dutra-St. John’s are receiving The Laura Whitworth Bigger Game Player Award at the Gala Dinner.
  22. ICF Coaches receive 6.0 Core Competencies credits.
  23. ICF Coaches receive 12.0 Resource Development credits.
  24. A very fun 2-hour boat ride on Lake George. We’ll all be on one giant boat together!Mohican - Bigger Game Expo
  25. Rocking chairs and adirondack chairs are everywhere for relaxing and reflecting.
  26. The Silver Bay campus will remind you of the movie Dirty Dancing!
  27. Krista Jones, founder of Sparrow’s Nest, will share her inspiring story.
  28. Vicki Savini, Hay House author, will share the mindful work she’s doing with children.
  29. Team Darst (aka Cynthia & David) will teach us how to “keep it real.”
  30. The venue is only a 90-minute drive from the Albany airport.
  31. Most guests will sleep in the historic Inn, which includes rockers lining the front porch and gorgeous views of the lake.
  32. You’ll learn a simple 9-square model that will serve you for the rest of your life.
  33. June is an incredible month in the Adirondack Mountains – lush and green!
  34. You’ll get to meet over 20 Bigger Game Certified Trainers from around the world.
  35. Dr. Jamie Turndorf is a featured speaker. She’s written a book, and is an expert, on reconnecting with deceased loved ones!
  36. Karen & Henry Kimsey-House are featured speakers. They’ll give us a behind the scenes look at The Coaches Training Institute.
  37. Rick and Chuck have some surprises planned!
  38. The meals are all you can eat!
  39. There is nothing more beautiful than watching the sunrise over the lake.
  40. John Robinson, born a congenital amputee, is a featured speaker and will inspire you!
  41. You’ll leave with fresh perspectives and inspiration for changing the way you look at your relationships.
  42. This conference is very un-conference like. Expect the unexpected!
  43. You’ll learn how to make hope real.
  44. There are lots of rooming options – designed to save you money.
  45. Attend and if not completely satisfied we’ll refund your program fee.
  46. Elizabeth Gilbert will share insights from her new book Big Magic.
  47. You’ll laugh.
  48. You’ll probably cry (the good kind of tears).
  49. You’ll leave with some gifts.
  50. Actually, you probably won’t want to leave!
  51. Liz Gilbert will autograph your book over lunch.
  52. You will leave activated and ready to play bigger.
  53. You’ll learn all about the Beekman farm and goats.
  54. The Saturday Gala Dinner includes a carving station!
  55. Silver Bay YMCA is the perfect retreat setting.signage
  56. You’ll learn how to tap into your hunger.
  57. You’ll learn about good and bad comfort zones.
  58. You’ll meet Allies that will help you for the rest of your life.
  59. GULP will become an everyday word in your vocabulary.
  60. Taking a Bold Action will become second nature.
  61. You’ll Assess future situations in a new way.
  62. There is nothing better than morning coffee as the sun rises over the lake.
  63. Did we mention a 2-hour boat cruise on the lake?
  64. Rick will “wow” you with his insights and charm!
  65. Chuck, who usually stays backstage, will share the stage with Rick from time to time!
  66. You’ll meet a bunch of folks from our neighbor to the north, Canada!
  67. You’ll meet Alan Roe – coming all the way from Melbourne, Australia!
  68. You’ll meet a few folks from Luxembourg!
  69. Some of our South Korean friends are returning!
  70. Merete Bach-Larsen returns from Denmark!
  71. MJ Cananel is coming all the way from Switzerland!
  72. You’ll meet some folks from Germany!
  73. You might just see a bunch of Llamas running around campus.
  74. The Birch will be ever so present!
  75. Rick will share his It’s All Made Up insights.
  76. There is nothing more beautiful than watching the sunset over the mountains.
  77. You’ll mix and mingle with some really cool like-minded people!inn welcome
  78. Past presenter Bob Pranga, a.k.a. Dr. Christmas, is coming.
  79. Past presenter James Mellon is also coming!
  80. You’ll discover why it’s essential to play your own bigger game.
  81. You’ll learn how 3 little words can change your life: hope made real.
  82. Past presenter Aubrey Lynch is coming!
  83. This is a casual retreat – you can dress in jeans and/or sweats!
  84. All buildings on campus are close by and easy to walk to.
  85. You’ll experience cool Adirondack mountain breezes.
  86. Even though it’s a “dry” campus, wine is available each day.
  87. There will be a full cash bar on the boat cruise.
  88. Did we mention a 2-hour boat cruise on the lake?!
  89. There are no hidden costs!
  90. You’ll be away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  91. Early morning classes available in the gym.
  92. There will be dancing at the Gala Dinner!
  93. By the end of the Expo you’ll look at yourself differently.
  94. Why not treat yourself to a mini-vacation?
  95. Gorgeous scenery makes for incredible new profile photos of you.
  96. You’ll learn to say goodbye to business as usual.
  97. You’ll leave with fresh perspectives.
  98. Coaches get CCE credits!
  99. Register with a friend and pay only $364.65 each.
  100. Enter the code bigsave and save on your program fee!

Bigger Game Expo

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