I’m zoomed out!

It was a week of wall-to-wall zoom calls and wow can it get exhausting staring at my computer screen nonstop. At the same time, I am so grateful for zoom. I’m used to traveling for workshops, keynotes and trainings, and boy do I miss the human face-to-face connection.

Thinking back on my week of zoom calls, I’ve realized that many of my calls/trainings had a common theme:

Staying focused on the plan.

It’s so easy to be taken off course by the magnitude of all that is happening in our world. It’s big. It’s significant. There are very real and challenging circumstances going on every minute each day.

I believe that our job right now is to “be with all that is happening” and not be “run by all that is happening.”

Give yourself time and space in your day to be with all that is going on, but don’t let it consume you. I get that it’s simple to say, but harder to live.

Are you a full on consumer of your day?
Or are you a creator and producer of your day?

I just kept noticing that my primary job this week was to honor all that is going on and gently direct folks to stay with their plan.

We must stay in the game, even though the structure of the game we thought we were in just changed completely.

Just about everyone I spoke with was excited to keep playing, to keep gulping, and to keep creating – it was in these creative conversations that passion was re-ignited or simply taken to the next level.

An antidote to stuck-ness and confusion is to focus back on to what you long to create. Creative conversations design your future, which has you experience an amazing NOW!

Stay with your plan. Staying is an act of commitment that begets more clarity… promise! What are you doing to stay with your plan?

Sending you ease, peace, wealth and health during this amazing time of transformation.

More to come-


  • Peggy Reply

    Thanks for a great post, Rick. I have struggled to stay with the plan. Distractions with more people in the house, seeing the news and my own emotions have been tough.
    I am staying with the plan by avoiding Facebook except to go into my own groups. I am setting a daily schedule for myself – loose and graceful .
    Praying …
    My productivity is better , focus and even my moods.

  • Nancy Smyth Reply

    I stay by remembering the reason I am doing this work. It is not for me, or what I will get; it is to serve others, be helpful for others — freeing them to have a fantastic experience of their life. Yes, and I will learn and grow and benefit by being in relationship with them.

  • Amy Charland Reply

    I stay because I am focusing on the bigger picture. I need to keep going because there are women I am meant to serve and they need me to keep going and be seen, even if I feel like hiding in a corner. Frankly, that is no longer an option!

  • Becky Henry Reply

    Thank you Rick for your soothing words…I stay because the family caregivers need my coaching more than ever now. And creating the new products is making my knowledge and support more accessible to people who are not able to work 1:1 with me. I stay by being gentle with myself and doing what I can each day with the distractions and sadness. Thank you also for sharing the video from Carolyn Myss! It reminds me that this is indeed an extraordinary moment! And we are all transforming together. I’m starting to realize that my inability to finish my 2nd edition thus far has a profound reason…this time of transformation needs to be included. I knew it was something big, just didn’t know it was THIS BIG.

    I’m so excited for you and the people who will participate in your inaugural virtual ProduceU! You are so creative and I KNOW that you and your team are going to make it so fun and exciting!

    Staying in the game – just differently. Big love and hugs, Becky

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