Why being “stuck” is a made up thing

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Being stuck is not real. It’s made up.

I realize this may sound a bit harsh and not very compassionate, yet I keep noticing that when I feel stuck, it’s just that… a feeling.

Now, it’s a very real feeling, yet not something that I like to completely give into and live in to.

Here’s my take:

“Being stuck” is also known as “not making a decision.” 

Not making a decision comes from, many times, the desire to make the right decision, which is a crazy making proposition unto itself. When you’re stuck, you tend to believe that on some level you’re not at choice.

When making a decision about something, the only thing you should lean into is your internal compass… your internal values… and your internal intuitions.

I’m a fan of making quick and fast decisions.

Take a look at your life today and notice where you feel stuck, and then simply make a decision. The great news about fast decisions is that you will learn quickly and can adjust accordingly.

I promise it will free up your thinking and even lower your anxiety. And it will get you moving forward.

More to come-

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