What’s Your Formula for Life?

As I was designing a new training call the other day, I bumped into an idea that I dare say may have merit for us all.

I was playing with a simple formula for supporting people to move forward with their Bigger Game, or as I like say, ‘their compelling good work.’ I love to look at words and give them a new twist of meaning. In this case, I realized that the word formulacould be broken down into its three syllables: form – u – la… and it hit me what if the word became ‘form u love.’

And what that means for us all is “what is the ‘form’ of the life you want that you love?” And then that triggered the next question…

“What is a formula for my life that points me closer to the form of my life that I love?”

How’s that for a play on words?

Here’s a formula that that I made up that so keeps me in the game:




The above formula has meaning for me and supports me… I share it as an example.

Here’s another example of a formula for living using just words (rather than mathematic symbols):

Faith plus daily acts of kindness times the number of people I touch each day equals a life of meaning.

Again, this is simply an example to stimulate your thinking and creativity. During these challenging times in our world, I believe it activates the deeper question of what is the guiding formula for living that you can lean in to when the going gets tough.

What would your formula look like? What is the formula for life that will take you to a form of life that you just love? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I send you and yours love, peace, ease, health and wealth during this time in history. How we go through this will be remembered by many!

More to come,
Rick T.


  • Yvonne Heath Reply

    Rick, I just love your heart and how you get people thinking in a meaningful way!

    My formula; Passion and Purpose plus Taking Bold Action and Playing my Bigger Game = Living the Life I am meant to Live and Loving it!!
    How’s that?? 🙂

  • Deb Reply

    This is brilliant! I am going to take more time to develop my formula. I am grateful to you for sharing this. It makes so much sense on multiple levels. I’m going to keep digging and discovering around it. You are an amazing individual and I feel blessed to know you and be impacted by your work. Keep shining! Peace and JOY-Deb

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