What Can I Do With That?

My friend Debby (fabulous human being) tonight shared with me something that is so useful to understand the new way of thinking in our world today.

Here it is:
Our parents looked at things and asked, “What is that?” (Think of the first computer they saw.)
We (baby boomers) look at things and ask, “What does it do?” (Think of us looking at a computer as a word processor.)
And our kids are now looking at things and asking, “What can I do with that?” (Think of them now making movies, music and books, etc., right on their own iPads, laptops and iPhones.)

This shift in being creative in our world, is huge. Think Apple! This is the way they design and create products. They ask first, “What can people do with this?” This way of thinking changed our world forever.

How might this shift in our world affect your business or work? Think about it. I know I am.

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  • Trish Jordan Reply

    Really like your comments, came to a workshop of the bigger game a few years ago and had a good experience. Would like to attach you blog to my Facebook acct to share with my friends and clients, is this possible?

    • Rick Tamlyn Reply

      Thanks Trish! I would be honored to have you attach my blog to your Facebook acct. Thanks so much!

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