Three questions you should never ask yourself

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I became a coach about 25 years ago.

I’ve always loved coaching and helping folks see things differently. And I love to empower them to make changes!

Twenty-five years ago my focus was pretty much on the actual coaching calls. I knew nothing about the “business” side of it – scheduling, invoicing, paying taxes, creating a budget, etc.

Well, I got busy and figured it out along the way. At times I stumbled and at times I prospered. And I wouldn’t take any of it back. It’s all been part of this wild and sometimes crazy, beautiful life of mine!

Throughout the years, I have identified three different questions that have NEVER served me in building my business, and I thought they might be useful to share with you today:

1. Will this work?
2. What if I lose everything?
3. What if people judge me?

I keep learning that when I go with my own gut instincts, follow my own heart, and just get busy, it somehow always works out.

What question do you find yourself asking that aren’t serving you and your business?

Here’s to your success!

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  • Isa Brown Reply

    1 What if they don’t see the value of what is offered? 2 What if they don’t purchase what is offered? 3 What if they don’t keep purchasing what is offered?

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