The Checklist: Is it right for you?

As we get closer to our Fall 2019 Event, people from all over the world (I travel a lot) are asking me “What is your event about?” and “What will I get from your event if I attend?”

I realize there is a wide array of answers to these questions and there is not just “one size fits all” answer.  So in an attempt to create some clarity and alignment to see if Produce You: The Event is right for you, I’ve created a checklist to support your decision.

Mark the following items that apply to you:

  • You long to have more impact with your life.
  • You have a creative idea that you wish to make real and share with your world.
  • There is a message in you that needs to be outed and shared.
  • Your life purpose lives as a good idea and needs a tangible home of real expression.
  • You want to learn the art of upping your impact so you will then generate more income.
  • You wish to hang out with creative like-minded spirits who can offer you masterful wisdom.
  • You know that by being with people who are up to Playing their Bigger Game, your Bigger Game will be expanded as well.
  • You long to have a focused plan to move you forward with the good work you are here to create with your life.
  • You have no idea what your Bigger Game is, yet in your heart and soul, you long to find one, create one, and generate real income from your Bigger Game.
  • You are tired of dreaming of a more fulfilling work life and know it’s time to take tangible action steps to move closer to your fulfilling future.
  • You long for someone to be your guide (not your guru) as to what to do and how to do it.
  • You are eager to develop an adult healthy relationship with failure, risk and success.
  • At the end of your life, you want to be able to point to something real and meaningful and say, “I created this with my life,” rather than “I didn’t get to go for it because _____.”
  • You keep noticing that others seem to have it all figured out, and you don’t. You want to learn what they know so that you can move forward too.

If you checked the box for at least 3 of the above, I dare say Produce You: The Event is for you. Trust me to guide you on a journey that will transform your life from the inside out. In just 3 days, you will create a production plan to make your Bigger Game real in the world. You’ll leave with a long-term vision plan, plus a short-term project plan, ready to launch and share with the world.

Click here and go directly to the registration page to learn more. And if you register now, you can use the code produce200 at checkout to save $200 off the registration fee.

More to come-

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