SPOTLIGHT: Are you out? And why it should matter.

I’ve been traveling a bunch and in recent weeks I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with over 500 people in conversations about the impact they wish to have with their lives.

WOW! I’m off the charts inspired!

In the past month I’ve co-led CTI’s Co-Active Leadership program, shared a Bigger Game keynote with Microsoft in Seattle, launched Keynote Camp and produced a surprise LIVESTREAM with my 20 private clients in LA!

As diverse as the groups were, I am struck with the one common theme that kept emerging: EVERYONE desired to be in supportive conversation with each other about creating their futures, even if it was outside their comfort zone to do so.

We didn’t vote or complain about events or circumstances of the past. And we didn’t talk about US politics (a welcome relief!). Instead, we focused on moving forward, and taking personal responsibility to do so.

It was inspiring to witness so many people full of passion, desire and hunger to play bigger.

This had me realize that the more we express with one another, the better it goes. The more we share our hopes, dreams and aspirations, the better it goes.

And it had me realize that it’s time for each of us to “come out” and express the good work we truly wish to create. There’s no time like the present.

The more you surround yourself with inspiring conversations, the more your own creative self will propel. It’s like when I play tennis with a better tennis player (which is almost always!), I become a better tennis player myself. Inspiration begets activation!

I believe that your life moves in the direction of the two primary conversations you have – the one inside your head and the one with other people. Are you having a Bigger Game conversation, or the same game conversation?

It’s time to come out already! Our world needs you and your unique gift. Out is the new in!


PS – If you’re truly ready to “come out” – join me at Produce You: The Event. In just 3 days, you will create a production plan to make your Bigger Game real in the world.

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