Making it real with the right allies

When I first became a coach, I spent tons of time spinning my wheels, trying to figure out how to attract clients.

After awhile I did get a few clients ($50 per client!) and quickly realized, “Oh, I have to send an invoice to get paid.” And then track and deposit the payment. And then make sure I was on the same page as my accountant.

I totally dug the whole coaching thing, and yet, boy was I not prepared for the “business” of coaching.

One day a group asked me to speak at their event. They asked for a promotional one-sheet and video footage of me presenting. Gosh I went into overwhelm. I didn’t have any of that; nor did I have the discipline to create it.

Truth be told I struggled like that for years. I didn’t really have a business. What I had was a coaching practice. Sort of.

When I went into overwhelm, which was often, I would think about doing something else… a full-time job with benefits, a waiter (I did that for over a decade at the Cheesecake Factory), anything that would allow me to come home from work at the end of the day, and leave my “job” at the office.

And here’s the truth – nothing ever stacked up. Nothing lit me up like being my own boss and running my own small business. I always returned to the fact that I truly loved coaching and helping others.

For years I worked at it alone. I had a million great ideas, and couldn’t make anything real. I kept missing some great opportunities and learned the hard way that I couldn’t do it alone.

I remember one day in particular being on the phone with clients for most of the day, and I felt like I was sinking. I had invoices to send, a website to launch, and a postcard I wanted to create. There simply wasn’t enough time in the day.

So I started reaching out. I took a few classes to learn the basics of solo-preneurship. I started following some folks online in my field to see what they were up to. I created To-Do lists. And I took a big breath and just kept moving forward.

I have heard of no one who truly created a successful and impactful business that did it alone. It’s just not possible. It just goes way better with some support and help along the way.


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