Inspired or envious? Our choice!

I woke up this morning with this not so pretty thought. (Morning crummy thoughts are not good, let me tell ya–they color one’s whole day!)

Sometimes I look around my world (or on the web or TV) and see many folks creating and delivering great stuff, whether it be in the arts or in the human development field, which I am a part or wherever.  And there is the part of me that can become deeply envious of what they have created and of them personally–this is not a good feeling–yikes!  This then activates all those internal voices that say things like, “How did they do that? How come my idea is not spreading like theirs?”  You all know that voice, we all have it- damn! And yet, if I just switch my viewpoint to a perspective of “being inspired” by what they have created everything changes.  “What can I learn from what they have created?” is such a better question.  And simply sitting back and letting myself experience the magic and beauty of what they created is also a far greater choice.  To be the recipient of some inspiring thoughts and ideas from this amazing person is such a gift.  And isn’t that what we all want– to be inspired.  So instead of waiting to be inspired by someone, what if we all decide to “be inspired” by them first and then see what is possible from that perspective.  Why do I not remember this?  Well, at least for today, I did. I am grateful for that. Namaste!

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  • Laura Neff Reply

    Hi Rick! Thank you for giving voice to “that voice” we all have, and thank you for creating a learning point out of your morning ick. (Such a true leader you are!) 🙂

    This post, and your choice out of what you experienced today, reminds me of a little book you recommended several years ago that has impacted me, my practice, and so, so many of my clients to date: “The Power of TED.” You just articulated a beautiful example of moving from the Drama Triangle (where that voice LOOOVES to hang out) to the Empowerment Dynamic. YAY other people and their stuff becoming challengers/coaches! It’s all in choice, perspective, the inner state that’s created, and the resulting action, baby. Yeah!


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