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It's All Made Up Tele-Class SeriesHope Made Real

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Click here to listen or download (running time 30:00 mins.): Hope Made Real

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  • Janet Steinwedel Reply

    The Bigger Game concept really resonated with me since my first connection with it when Laura presented the ideas at a Leadership Conference, then again at Silver Bay with you, Rick. But it’s been a good 5 years or more since then and I enjoyed listening to your tele-class on Hope. Your comments on enthusiasm hit a cord. I am struck by how little of it exists in organizations and I love to stimulate it in my work with clients. I was struck by the late addition of “participate.” Do I want to? Boundary setting. I feel like I’ve made headway here over the years, but I haven’t thought about it much lately. It will help me with staying purposeful.
    Thank you for the message and for the Bigger Game!

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