FOCUS: In just two exclusive days

Are you lacking direction and not sure where to put your attention?
Do you desire for things to be different, but you’re just not sure where to start?
Are you fed up with business as usual?

If this sounds like you, I’m offering an intimate, strategic planning session (limited to only 8 people total) where the focus will be YOU…

It’s two exclusive days of training in Los Angeles on April 6-7.

What do you need to move your idea or your business forward?
What are the roadblocks that you face?
What will you do you over the next 6 months to keep yourself focused?

Together, we’ll come up with a customized game plan.

Imagine two days of “being” and “doing” – discussing what matters and then coming up, together, with practical solutions.

I’ll share content to help with the process and we’ll be doing “hot seats” – it’s a mastermind group setting and you’ll learn from each other.

Learn more here.


PS – Six (6) are already confirmed and there is room for only 2 more. Is one of them you?

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