VIP Fast Track
with Rick Tamlyn, CPCC, MCC, MFA
Author of Play Your Bigger Game (Hay House)

“Lack of clarity + no strategy = confusion + overwhelm + no movement.”
Does this sound like you? Now, imagine the above sentence turned into this:

“Clarity and strategy = movement + success + lucrative income.”
Are you intrigued? Read on…

I'm creating a small gathering of committed people who are compelled to create the work and impact they really want to create with their lives.

• Are you finally ready to launch your dream project?
• Are you looking for new clients?
• Are you ready to become that thought-leader that lives in your imagination?
• Do you want to create a detailed plan to keep you focused & moving forward?
• Are you ready to truly change it up?

If so, join me at a two-day strategic planning session designed to activate and focus you in the right direction. You'll look back and say, “Wow, I totally changed the direction of my life!”
If you are tired of business as usual and ready to jumpstart your Bigger Game, contact me to see if this is right for you (details below).
                                                                                   Best,  Rick                                                                             

  • Face to face time with me for two (2) full days.
  • We will meet in person in Los Angeles, April 6 - 7, 2018.
  • It's about your level of desire; not the current status of your life or business.
  • This experience is intimate and is limited to only 8 people total.
  • The investment in you is $997 or three equal payments of $397 (plus travel/accommodations).
  • Includes two complimentary General Admission tickets to Bigger Game Live 2018.

Join Rick Tamlyn in Los Angeles, April 6 - 7, 2018

If you would like to be considered to join this exclusive program,
email us to schedule a one-on-one call with Rick.
By scheduling a call you already know that this is exactly what you WANT,
and that the dates and fees work for you.

Learn more about The Bigger Game

"What can you create in your business or life
that would be fun and bring you a sense of security?"


"What I like about working with Rick is his ability to zero in on what gets in my way of moving forward. It's like he has a 3-D vision into my capability... he's able to unpack what I see as barriers and reframe them in a way that opens new paths... all the while holding a clear intention of growing my leadership."

Roger Bird

Founder - CoolCap Fund

“Collaborating with Rick has made our work real. We are in action. And we are grateful for his continued check-ins, sincere investment in our success, and ongoing encouragement. In truth, we was even able to hold our Bigger Game for us in moments when we felt we could not. He has been a constant support in the midst of doubt and fear as well as excitement and action."

Paul & Guenevere Morr

Founders - Naked Tree Living